Totally free Figma design resources by Ding.

Export Exterminator

Get rid of exports within exports in Figma.

Bulk exporting in Figma can be a real timesaver. But when your document gets to a certain size and complexity, there's likely to be unwanted exports hiding in the depths of your document.

Tracking down all the nested exports manually is a real chore, and that's where this plugin comes in handy. Export Exterminator removes all exports within another export, leaving you with only the top level ones you’ve carefully prepared.

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Map Bonanza

High quality vector maps from different parts of the world.

Have you ever been hunting for proper maps to use in your designs, only to be stuck with screenshots that’s not quite right? We sure have.

That’s why we’ve drawn a series of maps to be used freely by designers. All vector, no visible pixels, and with complete control over layers and strokes. Everything you need to fine tune that map section of your sketch.

For inspiration, the Figma file comes with several examples of how the maps can be put to good use.

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App Icon Assistant

An export ready Figma file for your iOS app icon.

If you need full control over your app icons in iOS, a proper Figma setup makes life easier for both designers and developers.

We've made a simple yet powerful toolkit focused on a couple of things: controlling each size, getting the icons into Xcode and keeping them up to date.

Change one component, and follow the step-by-step guide. Each individual app icon size can be tweaked individually.

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