Ding 2.0 is here!

After years of faithful service, we’re now finally replacing the old Ding with a new version. This paves the way for lots of improvements – and we’re happy to tell you all about them.

October, 2022

Ding was launched back in 2013, starting as a way to scratch our own itch. We needed a time tracking tool based around our workflow and ambitions, so we went ahead and built it. A tool that was simple and elegant on the surface, yet powerful beneath.

As the years went by, teams around the world found their way into the service. The product however, remained the same for a long time. Now, after a massive effort, we’re finally releasing a fully revamped Ding.

The feature set and the essence of the product is the same, but we’ve rethought many aspects to improve the overall experience, and lay the groundwork for new features to come. The changes include:

  • A new look and feel all around, highlighting team members with different colors and allowing for faster visual scanning of the activity.
The new activity layout
  • A better mobile version, with every feature now available on your phone.
  • An overhauled filter, allowing you to search for multiple clients and projects, and also providing a better summary of the results.
The new filter
  • A graph on some essential pages, giving you a quick overview of your progress. Pretty amazing what a difference this actually makes.
We're pretty sure you'll find good use of these graphs.
  • A redesigned Projects page. An added bonus here is the loading speed, which could take a while in the old days.
  • All of your clients now have their own page, allowing you to see every project you have going for them – past and present.
  • PDF exports now look better and fit more entries on every page. Totally unbranded, so feel free to tell your clients you made it yourself.
  • We've added 'quick edits' to entries (when tapping the pencil), making it possible to change date, project, and billing status in a flash.
  • A range of smaller tweaks, like the highly requested feature of marking a filter as ‘billed’.

While we're stoked to have a new set of features ready for you, we're equally excited for the revamped technology under the hood. This will allow us to iterate more quickly on the product, and keep Ding running smoothly for the next 10 years.

We hope you’ll like it! Be sure to send us your thoughts – good and bad – and know that we’ll listen.

The Ding team
Anders, Gjermund, Frode & Augusta