Ding for iPhone, podcast sponsorships and tweaks all over

By Gjermund on

If you own an iPhone and use Ding, you should go grab the app.

We're using the app for our own projects, and it's by far the fastest way to log time on the go. As of now, its sole focus is on time tracking, but we're working on adding more features. Priority #1 will be the activity stream.

Apart from the app, a lot has happened with Ding over the last few weeks:

  • A shitload of tweaks. Mostly on the UI, but also a sizeable chunk on the backend.
  • Lots of new users through two podcast sponsorships: Accidental Tech Podcast and The Talk Show. A hearty welcome to all of you!
  • Paid plans are now in effect. I guess there'll be no standing ovation for this, but it might actually mean that we can work on Ding more than we've used to.
  • A brand new landing page at ding.io

Thanks to Pixeden for the iPhone mockups.